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Outsource your multi channel eCommerce business through us… Register and start selling item/items to multiple customers from different places.

Reliable and genuine service provider for selling online: Grow your online business and boost your sales growth in this competitive world with the best ever latest technology.Click Solution takes pride to bring about full eCommerce services comprising multiple channels at one place and takes you towards the right pathway in order to run your online business successfully yet smoothly.

Why are we best eCommerce service provider?

First and foremost, click solution implements all steps like regulating laws, and responsibility. The most complex part for your selling online procedure and regulating is handled by our team. Our main objective is to connect multi-consumers and multi- products or brands at one organised place. Our main focus is to flourish sales business and bring you profits. We have maintained well organised website to make the process simpler and easy for both- the users and the visitors. Accessibility of more and more products in a pleasant way and at the same time streamlining the production process is made simpler with the tools implementation.

We are ever ready to help you in getting your sales business run successfully. We take all the measurements to ensure your sales growth taking place rapidly 24/7 online throughout. We believe in taking action on the go with a careful and planned implementation and strategy necessary throughout the sales business with the superior updates system. The aim and strategy connected with the experts in the field of new technology and a keen eye on every single bit takes care that your business is safeguarded in all spheres of eCommerce channel and also ensures that your sales run smoothly in this fast pace environment which enables you to achieve your targets and goals.

Marketplace Solutions :-

Come and join into the Genuine selling Marketplaces. We stand as a helping hand for our Clients. Here are Simple guidelines to enable the process and thereby boost your sales.

Getting Started

• Proceed to Open your Accounts in all Marketplace
• See Range of Marketplaces
• Register your brand in all significant marketplaces
• Confirm your approval in the sorted categories
• Provides you with UPC Exemption

Market Place Listing

• You receive the Master Catalogue of your sub-categories
• In order to prevent delays, re-ensure quality check of Catalogue File
• Convert the Catalogue File into marketplace format
• Co-ordinate with the listing done on marketplaces

Operation on Daily-Basis

• Order and Shipping
• Check with the orders from all marketplaces aggregated in one place
• Make Shipping batch for orders
• Create Invoices in shipping-labels with required format
• Gather all important shipping documents
• Create Manifests and upload them
• Upload the info of AWB numbers Into the Marketplaces

Inventory Management

• Assist you with the SKU coding system
• Ensure timely Inventory-Synchronizing relating all foremost marketplaces
• Update inventory info on marketplaces based on your updates
• Update the pricing info into the marketplaces with reference to your updates

Promotion and Sales Increase

Strategic Category Management

• scrutinize carefully the competition prices of your category
• find demographic price in all marketplaces
• Analyzing and giving sales margin details for price changes
• Keep updating with regards to price changes in order to enhance sales

Visibility Optimization

• Ensure that the correct filters is in function
• Make certain that all marketplaces include your total catalogue
• Make sure about each and every product visibility
• Ensure timely check up with popular and most-selling products and brands never go out of stock


• Make aware of the marketplace campaigns participation to enhance sales
• Communicate with the marketplaces to get client-specific deals to boost sales
• Preserve beneficial dealings with marketplaces managers in-order to get your product listed every now and then

Things we don’t do : –

• Gather documents needed for account opening
• Warehousing for your stock
• Physically pack and ship the products
• Fill up the Master Catalogue file
• Photography